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Torn in Exile - Author A.L McDonnell

Torn In Exile

She knows nothing of her birth planet, Anders Major. But they know her. Some love her. Others want her dead.

After crossing the universe to rescue her husband, Dr Jemma Anderson thought she was safe on Condona, a planet friendly to the Inter-Planetary League. That is, until she discovers that she has been followed from Earth by Fredrick Pritchard, the man who killed her parents. She doesn’t know if returning to Anders Major will resolve the problem but when the survival of those she loves is threatened, she knows she must try.

Jemma’s husband, Colonel Sean Bellamy, despite all his military training, is unable to prevent Pritchard’s attacks. All he can do is respond after the event. When Jemma reveals her plan to return to Anders Major, he fears the risk may be too great. Helplessness doesn’t sit well with Sean, nor does leaving Jemma to face her enemy alone.

Can they trust in the IPL to keep them safe?

Torn in Exile is book 3 of the fast-paced Sci-Fi/Thriller In Exile Series. If you’ve ever looked up into the night sky and wondered about aliens on other planets, or how we fit into the universe, or the origin of the human species, then you’ll love this latest edition. Check out Torn In Exile today and discover this exciting series.

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