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Stranded in Exile - Author A.L McDonnell

Stranded In Exile

She joined the mission to rescue her husband. To the other side of the universe. In a spaceship.

Rescued by the Inter-Planetary League from Fredrick Pritchard, the man who killed her parents, Dr Jemma Anderson must again rely on the IPL to save her husband, Colonel Sean Bellamy, after he is captured by the IPL’s sworn enemy, the Zants.

Sean, determined to find a way to escape from the desolate planet in which he is imprisoned, has his hopes dashed when he discovers that Pritchard has allied with the Zants and will do whatever it takes to stop him.

Although Jemma’s mission succeeds in rescuing Sean, Zant interference with their spaceship sees them trapped millions of light years from home. The IPL swears to protect them, but can they rely on the IPL? Or are the IPL pursuing their own vendetta. And where is Pritchard?

Stranded in Exile is book 2 of the Sci-Fi/Thriller, In Exile, series. If you’ve ever looked up into the night sky and wondered about aliens on other planets, or how we fit into the universe, or the origin of the human species, then you’ll love A.L. McDonnell’s fast-paced, page-turning series. Check out Stranded in Exile today and discover the exciting series today.

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