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Abandoned In Exile - Author A.L McDonnell

Abandoned In Exile

She looked human. She sounded human. So why did her parents’ killer claim she was born on another planet.

Dr Jemma Anderson, a respected Gold Coast scientist, teaches during the day and retreats to her isolated research hide in the Springbrook Rainforest in the evening, until the night an intense blue light floods her rainforest and changes everything.

Through the light she glimpses Frederick Pritchard, the man who killed her parents. He stands silently beneath the dense canopy of trees, watching, waiting.

Military officer, Sean Bellamy, helps Jemma evade Pritchard, but weeks later Pritchard breaks through Sean’s protection and abducts her. In a desperate bid to save Jemma, Sean stumbles on a league of aliens deep in the rainforest who offer to help. As the days go on, Sean’s trust in his military organisation is shattered. He discovers there are those among his superiors who would deny her existence and leave her to her fate. But can he truly rely on the aliens? Or do they have their own agenda?

Abandoned In Exile is the first book of the Sci-Fi/Thriller, In Exile, series. If you wonder about the existence of aliens, our place in the universe, or the origin of the human species, then you’ll love this fast-paced introduction to A.L. McDonnell’s page-turning series. Check out Abandoned In Exile to discover this exciting new series today.

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